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Anxiety plane

It’s wild.

13 months ago I got anxiety attacks while even looking at an airplane in the sky.

For someone that was more often on an airport than in a metro pre pandemic,

Experiencing these sensation was.. unknown.

Post pandemic, & after hitting corona pretty hard, shifts in my brain and body happened.

Looking at airplanes made me feel nauseous. I saw danger. I saw in safety. I felt scared.

During that time I went through a phase where I didn’t feel safe in my mind nor body.

Everything appeared to be a threat.

I saw danger everywhere.

My nervous system was constantly in fight, flight & freeze mode.

My mind was racing, stuck in loops of fears & what ifs.

Both my mind and body were in total survival mode, disconnected from each other.

Fast forward, here I am.

Calmest than I ve ever been. I look at planes in the sky & I feel awe.

I see adventure. I see people’s stories. I feel excitment.

In the plane, I am able to look out the window & admire the world.

Feeling so in awe. So at peace. So light.

What did I do?

I focused on..

..reesrablishing a safe mind body connection.

Reparent my inner child

Understanding how my body tries to protect me.

Rewire my brain & nervous system

Become a master in self.

Understanding each pattern, feeling each emotions, learning each cue from my body.

I had 2 choices in these moments.

  1. Let fear take over & reduce travelling

  2. Let my dreams & visions for my life take over & face my fears head on

I chose two. I took 20+ flight since then.

And through that I built resilience.

That kind of resilience that gives you the trust in yourself that you can handle any situation.

I broke through the scary voices in my head.

I broke through self sabotaging patterns.

I broke through survival mode, cultivating thriving mode.

That is what a big breakthrough is for me about.

The accumulation of daily tiny breakthroughs.

Just imagine how that would feel like for you.

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