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Breaking Through the Imposter: Embracing Your True Self

You know you are making progress when you

Are proud of letting go of the person you used to be,

And feeling excitement of the person you are becoming.

I m not the person i used to be,

nor am I the person I thought I would become. 🤯

For a long time it was hard for me to break through the limiting stories, beliefs & self pitying emotions brought by my imposter voice.

😥Thinking that I wasn’t good enough to live my dream life full of abundance & personal freedom.

🫣Believing that my limiting past defines my future.

🤔Doing all the perceived successful things, without ever reflecting what it means for me.

Even though I was aware of the tricks my 

mind played, it was still hard to see a shift in how I felt.

Even though I told myself I am worthy & did a lot of mindset work,

I still went through most of my days driven by fear of rejection & unworthiness.

📚In my own personal empowerment journey & in analyzing my 800+ conducted coaching sessions with clients, I found the reason why I, and most of us, stay stuck in overwhelm caused by our imposter, leaving us feeling small & exhausted.

The way you, as a human being, function is on the logical level (your left brain), BUT…

anything that you comprehend logically won’t get you far if you are not comprehending your learnings emotionally (right brain).

⭐️It’s about moving from thinking into feeling.

⭐️It’s about moving from doing into being.

⭐️It’s about moving from logic to emotion.

🔥It’s about BEING NOW the person that you aspire to be.

For me, I aspire to be a person that flows with ease through the day, with a foundation of unconditional self love.

So every day I ask myself:

How does a person with unconditional self love move?







Take action?

I see her. I feel her. I smell her. I touch her. 

I anchor her in my left & right brain through  my Connected Method..

& then take aligned action in creating the life that I desire.

Once you learn how to do that.

Life becomes suddenly so much more magical.

So.. When do you let yourself break through the imposter version of you,

and let yourself experience a full body excitement about who you are becoming?

With love, 

Your Breakthrough Coach 

And with that, I wrap up this exhilarating journey through my realm! 💫 I trust you've relished uncovering the fervour and zeal I infuse into each of my endeavours, just as much as I have.

From the gleaming spectacles of my performances to the contagious optimism I radiate, I acknowledge that I transcend the boundaries of mere animation. I stand as a beacon of creativity, illuminating your days with my artistry and boundless vigour.

Should you wish to delve further into the depths of my vibrant cosmos and explore the horizons that lie ahead, do not hesitate to reach out! I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to connect with you, sharing in the boundless joy and creativity that defines my journey.

Until we meet again in the next chapter of this extraordinary odyssey! 🌟

Instagram: Claudia Warias

LinkedIn: Claudia Warias

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