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Connect to others lesson

For a long time I craved connection with others. 

Even though I had people around me, the loneliness cloud was still present.

Why was that?

After analysing over 500 coaching sessions with people from all stages in their life &

in the deep creation of my Connected Method, I had a breakthrough. 💥

Connecting to others is not about feeling sorry for yourself & expecting others to reach out to you first..

And if they don’t, then falling into the victim mentality of “see, no one likes me”

(Yes, I speak from experience 🤨)

Feeling connected to others is about BEING that person that wants to leave a positive mark on others.

⭐️It’s about BECOMING the person that feels connected from within first & then connects with others with that kind of energy. ⭐️

The energy of empathy, self love & desire to make an impact.

After doing the Connected Method regularly, something magical happened.

⚡️Strangers started to look me in the eye & say hi.

⚡️Random people started to approach me & start a conversation.

⚡️Opportunities to connect with others came to me in overflow.

It’s funny how once we are open to receive love, fun & connection from others…

..suddenly people come to us.

But that can only happen when you learn how to break through your imposter.

That voice who tells you that one cares about you. are not fun or interesting enough. one wants to connect with you cause you are “weird”…

Well…let me tell you.

🤩What if people DO care I about you?

🤩What if you are just YOU and THAT IS GOOD ENOUGH?

🤩What if your weirdness is EXACTLY what someone needs right now?

It all comes back to become a master of your own emotions (increased Emotional Intelligence), while

creating safety in your body (regulated Nervous system).

And both of these things are in YOUR power. YOU get to lead yourself from within. 🔥

Once you do that…

Get ready to experience the magic from the outside too.

To embody life dot #3 of the Connected Method - connect with others, do this:

So… close your eyes. 

Open your arms.

Expand your chest.

Take up space.

And in a silent moment..

Say to yourself

“I can make a difference.”

Smile to yourself. And then..

Take aligned action. 🥳

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