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Last week I had a desire. 

A delicious homemade dinner cooked by my fiancée.

A moment getting romanced with delicious food & quality time together.

In a loving way, I told him during the week:

“Hey babe, I have a desire. How do you feel about cooking for us something delicious?”

1 day later I get a message from him:

“Left for groceries. Tonight I cook for you my queen.”

💕My heart skipped a beat. I got so excited. 

2 hours later, we had the most delicious, nutritious dinner coupled with some quality time.

I allowed myself to get spoiled.

💥That’s when I had a break through.

The older version of me, who was stuck in self doubt & an anxious attachment style ran by her imposter…

…would have never expressed her desires. 

Cause she felt…

…unworthy of her desires.

…like she needs to over please.

…like needing constant external validation for her inner insecurities.

And the craziest about it all?🤨

All my inner imposters & insecurities created unrealistic expectations towards my partner.

Believing that he needs to know what I want, even though I don’t even know what I want,

And if he doesn’t meet the unclear needs & desires of mine, then he must not respect me fully.

Can you see how ridiculous that is? 😂

Now, here is the breakthrough:

🪞Any relationship that you have is just a mirror of your own insecurities.🪞

And these inner insecurities won’t be healed by someone else.

They are healed by you. ONLY YOU.🫵🏻

Breaking through your imposter driven thoughts & stories one step at a time.

Using my Connected Method, you ll start to:

⚡️Get to know your needs

⚡️Learn how to express them 

⚡️Allow yourself to be romanced

⚡️Be in the present moments

Through that, you increase your emotional intelligence in becoming clear of what YOU truly want,

while regulating your nervous system that it is safe for you to express yourself & receive love.

What’s on the other side of that?


The ability to have deeper relationships from a place of self love, hope & respect.

And with that…life suddenly becomes so much more beautiful. 😍

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