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My 2nd night on my solo glamping trip on the Coast of Spain, I have a big breakthrough.

I sit here by myself in my sport pants & white hoodie, sipping camomile tea, while glancing at the moon shining between the trees.

This simple moment holds so much.

It holds the ability to breakthrough

⚡️my fears of going on a solo trip.

⚡️people’s opinions about this decision.

⚡️my own self limiting thoughts.

⚡️the excuse of “no, I can’t do this right now” because of time, money & pleasing others first.

It gives me confidence & self respect. To be able to sit here all by myself, feeling inner peace, gratitude & excitment.

🔥Inner peace knowing that I am in charge of the outcome of my life.

🔥Gratitude for life’s most simple moments.

🔥Excitement for what’s yet to come.

This moment is the results of hundreds of small breakthroughs using my Connected method.

It’s about mastering the skill to navigate through fears with flow & ease.

Allowing myself to take aligned action,

in living a life feeling alive, fulfilled & at peace. Instead of being dictated by my imposter.

You get to experience that too.

If you are ready to do the real deep work in learning how to CREATE a breakthrough after another.

It is possible. It gets to be easy. It’s destined to be your new normal.

You choose. 🙌🏻

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