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A 12 week coaching program 

for visionary people

who are ready to break.through

their imposter syndrome

to finally take aligned action,

so that you feel alive & fulfilled again.


Ditch your imposter syndrome & take aligned action towards a life filled with a calm mind & full heart through my Connected Method.

The journey is
for YOU if...

  • You often feel defeated by your overthinking & perfectionistic mind, leaving you stuck in inaction. You want to be able to silence your sabotaging mind & find your inner calmness.


  • You know that your life looks “good” on the outside, yet deep inside you experience a sense of deep unfulfillment, leaving you frustrated & exhausted. You are ready to get out of this.


  • You get easily stuck in a rollercoaster of emotions, unable to trust yourself fully on how to navigate through it. You want to know how to  distinguish intuition from all the other voices in your head.


  • You know deep down that you have untapped potential within you. You are willing to take ownership in doing the work to release your old identity to leave space for the authentic, true & mission driven version of you (aka your higher self).


  • Your current career leaves you unfulfilled. You find yourself in constant exhaustion & burn out. You want to finally break free from this cycle.


  • You have read tons of self development books, yet you still struggle with feeling good enough for what you desire. You find yourself comparing yourself to others, people pleasing, not respecting your own needs, putting yourself last. You are done playing small.


  • You care about the world. You want to make an impact on this world, but you are overwhelmed on where to start… which creates more resistance, doubts & fears. You know you have to get out of your comfort zone to make it happen.

  • You want to take action towards your dreams, ready to liberate yourself from past conditioning, limiting beliefs & stories. You are determined to do the deep inner work that sets you free. 

Take it from these visionaries...

Chloe broke through her self doubt & resigned from a job where she hasn't been fully appreciated. Now she landed a dream job opportunity & is ready to confidently rock it.

Juan Camilo broke through his self doubt & navigated a lay off with focus, calmness & clarity. Now he is thriving in his career.


Anna broke through her self doubt & is now able to be fully present in her intimate relationship, allowing her to fully experience a safe & loving connection with her partner.

Maria broke through her self doubt & effortlessly got a promotion while being able to prioritise her needs as a high performer & new mum.

Clara broke through her self doubt & is now able to flow through her days with more ease, focus, confidence alongside a calm mind.

To hear from them directly, check out the Testimonials below!

But first.....

Imagine this...

  • Knowing how to manage your overthinking habit so that you never stay stuck in procrastination & overwhelm again.

  • Going through your day-to-day deeply trusting your ability to navigate any moments of stuckness with ease, empowerment & self trust. Being able to fully embrace the present moment.

  • Feeling in control of your mental & emotional well being - saying BYE to impulsive reactive behaviors. Saying HELLO to your higher self embodiment.

  • Being liberated from your inner saboteurs so that you can think clearly about what YOU truly want. Away from fear-driven needs, towards abundant-driven desires.

  • Having deep-found clarity about your short & long term vision of your life, making you feel energized & excited. Using it as a fuel to move forward.

  • Experiencing a deep connection to your body, which gives you a sense of safety, trust & stability from within. Allowing you to feel safe in your body to fully live the human experience.

  • Having the courage to speak up on your boundaries, needs & desires, without the fear of pleasing people; taking full ownership of the outcome of your life - no more victim mentality, blaming others & perfectionism.

  • Having a beautiful community of powerful like minded, self-led people who support you and your wins. No judgment, envy or competition. Pure support, love & togetherness.


If you answered yes to any of these points…

Then the BREAKTHROUGH journey is made exactly for you.


This space is for YOU to shift from living your daily

life in fear & self doubt… 

to taking aligned action towards your dreams

with clarity, confidence, presence & determination,


This journey is more than saying yes to yourself.

It is saying YES to live your life fully.


It is saying YES to your soul’s mission.

It is saying YES to making an impact on this world by you…

Being truly & uniquely YOU.

The truth is… You have a choice.


Do you choose to continue this cycle of stagnation & overwhelm?




Do you choose to break free from it, tapping into your potential & your higher self?

Living your wildest life with ease,

empowerment, passion & pure joy?


Imagine for a moment…

How would it feel like


… to go to bed at night feeling compassionate towards yourself, alongside a sense of fulfillment?


…to finally get out of this constant feeling of stagnation & stuckness for good?


…to have the most meaningful, connected & loving relationships with your partner, friends & family?


…to embrace each day with child-like excitement, allowing yourself to laugh, play & be curious?


…to find your deep inner peace, watching the sunset with a completely

silent mind?

Screenshot 2023-08-18 at 17.32.31.png

Take a breath & close your eyes for a moment.

Feel these possibilities.



Let me show you how that happens…

It is possible for you, if you are ready to do the

deep inner work, that allows you to set yourself free.


It starts the moment you commit to yourself, your goals, your dreams & decide to take ownership of your actions behaviours.

In BREAKTHROUGH I will teach & coach you based on my signature method:




I believe that your deepest desire is to live a fulfilled & mission driven life. And I also believe that there is something that blocks you from receiving & experiencing these sensations. 


One thing that I want you to know is that you are not alone.

And that nothing is wrong with you.

After analyzing hundred of conducted coaching sessions, I’ve identified three common patterns that keep us spinning on the hamster wheel of stagnation:

  1. Living based on external expectations instead of our internal desires.

  2. Struggling to regulate ourselves and our emotions.

  3. Pulling away from meaningful connections with others.


These patterns create that internal conflict that prevents us from making decisions & makes us doubt ourselves. It leads us to feel disconnected from ourselves, feeling trapped in an identity crisis.

And YES… we all experience them!

Question is... what will YOU DO about it?

Through the CONNECTED METHOD I show you how to connect to the 5 major life dots.


By learning how to efficiently connect to each of these, you will be able to sail through those challenging moments of stagnation with ease & calmness, cultivating self-trust and empowerment along the way. 

The 5 major life dots of The Connect Method are:

#4: Connect to your Mission

  • I truly believe that you are here for a reason. You are meant to make an impact in any shape or form on this world. I coach you on finding clarity on what your mission is - both short & long term, so that you create a sense of internal fullfilment for yourself, knowing that what you do & who you are… really matters in the world.


#5: Connect to the world

  • I truly believe that the more we connect with the world, the wiser we become, the more perspective & new experiences we gather. I coach & teach you on the importance of getting out of your environment regularly & how to make the most out of connecting to the world.. Which create a sense of confidence, joy & excitement in your life.

#1: Connect to Your heartbeat

  • Reconnect to what is & has been always there - your heartbeat. For us to experience safety within our body is to reconnect with it. I coach you on how to do that, alongside practical tools that you can use during your day, so that you can experience a deep sense of trust, love & compassion for your heart, your body & ultimately yourself.

#2: Connect to Your younger you

  • The only way for you to set yourself free to live a fulfilling & mission driven life is to learn how to reparent yourself. To give your younger versions of yourself the safety, care & support that it needs to step into your untapped potential. I coach you on how to do that.


#3: Connect to Others

  • Reconnect with other human beings to create a sense of belonging. The only way for us to break free from the inner saboteurs is to cultivate & nurture meaningful relationships with close people as well as strangers. I coach & teach you on how to create the most nourishing relationships while setting boundaries & respecting your own needs first.

In BREAKTHROUGH I teach & coach you profoundly on each of these areas. 


We go deep in each life dot, so that you learn the needle moving tools to break-through from any situation & take aligned actions towards what YOU really want.


This method is a combination of mindset, bodyset & emotionset.


Through this method you develop a strong mindset, safe bodyset & neutral emotionset. 

These 3 in combination are the ultimate key to breaking through.

When you join BREAKTHROUGH, you’ll get:

LIVE Coaching & Teaching Modules

  • 9x intimate 90min Zoom calls over the course of 3 months. That is 3 calls per month, followed by 1 integration week to process all the learnings & insights

  • These calls are a mix of teaching & coaching. As I keep this group intimate & small (max 6 people), everyone gets an equal chance to be coached on their specific situation.



  • Access to a communication channel where the people of the group support each other in this journey & create meaningful relationships along the way



  • 1x 45min private coaching call to be scheduled in the last month of the program



  • Access to the BREAKTHROUGH workbook

Hey listen…I want to be VERY honest with you…

If you are looking for a quick fix or magic pill, then this program is not for you.

I believe that there is no quick fix to learn how to break through.


The human experience is a lifelong process, full with ups & downs.

Life will always continue to challenge you. Easiness is not a measure of success.


The ability to navigate those challenging moments with easy, self trust & empowerment… 


THAT is the measure of success.


This program contains the steps & process needed for the part of you that is ready to get uncomfortable

& do the real inner work.


This program is for the visionary person, who is committed to making an impact in their & other people’s lives.


This program is for the heart led soul who values long term fulfillment over short term gratification &

is willing to do the work to get there.

In our time together, we will co-create a mindset, bodyset & emotionsset of deep trust & confidence in yourself & actions… so that you feel ready to tackle the world.

DSCF0566 3.JPG

Are you ready to ditch your inner saboteurs so that you can live your most fulfilled & mission driven life?

What clients say...

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